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April 20, 2007



Hi, Michelle!

I'm in Kansas City until Saturday afternoon. Gorgeous here today!

Fun post, and best to you and hubby on the dissertation stuff. Sweet memories.


That's how I used to do edits too, until I discovered the wonderful "highlighter" feature in Microsoft Word which basically works like an old-fashioned yellow highlighter (or whatever color you so desire), allowing the editor to correct, highlight changes, then email back.

Best wishes on the rest of the dissertation. May you enjoy many more sleepless nights of bonding/editing together!


Tell Spencer I'm rooting for him. This is such a beautiful picture of things to come in a few months at our house. Jay


I'm totally grinning reading this, picturing this, understanding this. Hubby wrote his first book longhand in composition books, and he and I both typed it into the computer. . . Thank God (seriously) that we now have two computers, both are comfortable composing at the keyboard, and that MS has a "track changes" feature for when I edit. (Two term papers with massive endnotes are in the works--one due Monday, the following due on the 30th. . .)

Not quite to the point of dissertation, but eventually. . .


Noticed you were an SBU alum--my husband and I met there, too, where I received a B.A and an M.R.S. ;)

blessings to you--my husband did the M.Div. and next fall will start the D.Min--I didn't type every paper, but I proofread each one and sure learned a lot doing!


What memories this brought back. I can't remember when I last thought about my self-correcting Selectric or even that perforated paper and the dot matrix printer.

Holding my breath for you and hubby today.

Everyday Mommy

Anxiously wondering if you made it?


AWWWWW!! I remember those days too! What teamwork! hee hee. I am soooo excited for him (and you!) Tell us if you guys made it in time! :)

Karla~Looking Towards Heaven

I thought i was so cool taking my Brother Word processor off to college with me.

Really, it was just a typewriter with a big screen. But I felt mighty sassy with it.

I ended my college days with our old Commodore with a dot matrix printer.

That is a sweet story of the 2 of you working together.



What a good wife you are. Oh man seminary papers are hard enough I don't even want to think of what Doc. papers are like....all I can say is "no thank you" getting a masters will probably be the stop for me unless God throws a curve ball at me and leads me into Doc. work. And Dr. Bing Boyd Bayer paper, phew....good ole' Redford department! Now that brings back the old days.

Jennifer, Snapshot

My stepdad had a business computer and his office in our house, so I remember turning in some dot matrix high school papers. But, yes, I had the autocorrect typewriter (actually it was like a word processor) for my college work.


Oh, but the end is getting near. That's the part I like. If my husband goes for a PhD I'll probably have a cow - then help him edit his papers...


Happy Birthday!!


My hubby and I both work from home and we end up emailing each other, from the same house!
Great post. Fun to visit your blog for the first time.
For Reluctant Entertainers

grafted branch

Well? Did you make it? Are you coming back?

Mrs. U

HAHA!! I TOTALLY remember all the computer/lack of computer stuff you are talking about!!! I remember my dad bringing a monster of a computer home when I was in middle school- we were the "cool" family because we had a home computer!! LOL!!!!

Mrs. U

The Elementary Writing Chef

Hey...I am wondering too...have you fallen into the "chasm" of no return? I keep checking in with you to see if you have posted anything new. Missing you!

The Elementary Writing Chef

By the way... your lousy "sister in law" has goofed again! Happy BELATED Birthday!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!


love your blog, had a good giggle. love always me

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years

Are you never coming back?

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years

Are you never coming back?


Michelle, Have you abandoned us?? Hope all is well ...

Kim of Kim & Jason

Did you make it? !!!

It's so refreshing to hear stories about couple teamwork! From the days of running with the accordian paper to the now savy emailing and editing, it's awesome to hear that you two accomplish the big things together. God gives us many opportunities to need each other, to bring us closer to each other, and ultimately Him.

I hope it all came together!!!


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