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April 12, 2007



Praying you will find what you need and what you seek...

Leslie Wiggins

May I recommend John Piper's book A Hunger for God to you? I did some studying on fasting a couple of years ago and that book was by far the best one I've ever read. He thoroughly and biblically answers the hows and the whys of fasting. It's a wonderful little book! I couldn't put it down.


I remember when my children were born, I was so afraid to completely turn them over to God. What if His choice for their lives was not what I wanted? I knew he would always take care of me and them, yet I was afraid.

My prayer became, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief." And He did. :)

Linda A.

O, that I could be as transparent as you are, Michelle! I think that's one of my very favorite things about you, and it makes me trust you all the more as my friend. Praying for humility IS scary. I don't know much about fasting from experience, just that I believe it's quite scriptural and I have read many good testimonies from people who have done it. I'm praying that God's grace is poured out on you, too, sister. May He pour that out in abundance along with the wisdom and discernment we all need daily.

Elizabeth at A Biblical Home

I second the recommendation for "A Hunger for God". I had fasted several times (my Christian college encouraged us to), but after reading that book I better understood how God works through fasting.

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