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February 20, 2007



Wow. I may have to check out that book. This is an area I really need to work on in my own life. I find myself thinking I need to invite someone over for a meal, and then so much time goes by before I get around to doing it. I want to be more hospitable, and feeling shy is no excuse! Thanks for sharing this encouraging word.


Oh, how sad, and challenging!
I don't consider myself to have the gift of hospitality, but my husband and I have recently begun hosting a weekly homefellowship group. You're right, not all of us may be gifted in this sense, but all of us are commanded to Be Hospitable.
I really need to get organized (i.e. have a large roast to stick into the oven, and the house straightened Saturday night) so that I can begin inviting people over spontaneously after church! It's really not that difficult, it just takes a little forethought and planning.
Thanks for this post, I'm a brand new lurker and have enjoyed your blog!


Ummm, could you stop recommending such great books? Because my amazon wish list is already long enough...



Is this being written to me...Shelly? Guess who?

a suburban housewife

Bravo, Michelle! You are so right. It is easy to assume that we (Southerners) are hospitable because of our geographical location!! I would offer an encouragement to us all- myself definitely included- to go one more, so to speak. Usually, hospitality is biblically defined as being demonstrated toward strangers. So while it is vital to show this to the body of Christ in our local fellowship, how much more can we demonstrate this to those who don't know Him?

Again- soooo good to have you back in the land of blogging!


Spot on, lady! Some of the best advice I received on this was from a mom of 7 children. She told me that if the hospitality (meal, fellowship, etc) was good enough for my family, it was good enough for anyone. If it wasn't, then how was I treating my family. Ouch!

So even if I only have another mom over for PB&Js, the command is to be hospitable.

Great post!

Lisa writes

Hospitality is something I am learning to work out as God works within me. Too often it becomes a case of "image-building" where I try to impress rather than serve. Thanks for getting in my business! :-)


I have this book and have been skimming back over it! It is really good and practical.



Sounds like the parishioner with the self-identified gift for hospitality should be the next one YOU invite over...

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