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February 13, 2007



Hey! You´re back! I saw that you had commented somewhere a while back, so I figured you were alive. Missed you, friend!

(And yes, I´m an apron-wearer, and have my kitchen decorated with them!).

Take your time, post what you can when you can. We´ll wait.


Hi, I came over via Everyday Mommy's link and wanted to say I am enjoying your blog and your taste in aprons! I have the red one, the blue one, and the beige one. I'd like the black one, also, as black is one of my favorite colors. I love accenting things with it. Do you have any outlet malls within driving distance? You can get their aprons about $7 cheaper in their outlet stores. I bought 2 out of 3 of mine there. Just a FYI.

Going to go enjoy your blog some more now!

Theresa ♥

I came to your blog from someone's blog and came to their blog through someone etc. *smile* Just taking a country drive through the blogosphere tonight and noticed you were in Minneapolis. I'm about 90 minutes west of Minneapolis.

Hope your ready for some snow!!!


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