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February 28, 2007



I'm going to have to check out that book you mentioned. I've felt the need to step out more in this area, and it's so easy to use the fact that I have little ones and a crazy schedule as an excuse.


I just have to say I am so glad you talking about this book! I checked Paperback swap and they had it, so I will be getting this book for FREE!!!! SO love PaperBack Swap (http://www.paperbackswap.com/index.php?n=7&r_by=paula%40paurian.com)
You can read more about how to get free books on my blog. I am also hoping to get Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. It is on my wishlist. I would love to hear you talk more about that.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing such GREAT books!!! I added you to my RSS feed and to my blog. :) This is a GREAT site!!!

Lisa writes

Hospitality is definitely one of those things that needs refining in my life...Thanks for the encouragement and the challenge!


I love this book,too! I read it a few years ago,but need to pull it out again for refreshment on this topic.

Good Post!



I forgot to mention, when I was talking about the ideas you shared within this book, my friend mentioned another book (which I have, is also listed on Paperback Swap, but have not read yet) called Open Heart Open Home. Might be one you enjoy! :)

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