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February 17, 2007


a suburban housewife

YES!!! You're back! I never took you off my blogroll- glad to "see" you around these parts again.



Hello! My wife thought that I should respond to your post, which I am more than happy to do.

As a former Mormon, I highly suggest that you and your husband buy a copy of Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons by Mark J. Cares [available at: http://www.truthinloveministry.net/material.htm ]. This material is simply the best I have ever found for reaching Mormons with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

As for the second group, I assume that they do not believe the Bible is fully inspired, inerrant, and sufficient. In any case, you can find great responses in the following books: 1) Hell Under Fire, and 2) The Same Sex Controversy.


Glad to be reading you, Michelle. I just finished studying Romans 10:14-17. I pray that it will encourage you. Faith does come from hearing the message, the Word of Christ. Beautiful are your feet for desiring to speak the truth. I will be praying for you.


We will be praying for you out here in blogland. It's so hard for us steeped in the visible world to comprehend the enormity of the spiritual conflicts that exist in the invisible one, but you are in the middle of them now, and I pray God gives you strength and wisdom.


Oh. My. Word.

I clicked over from Jules' place, and now it's 2:23 in the A. of M. =O

I've enjoyed your archives, and will look around more when I can keep both eyes open at the same time. For now, I'd like to thank you for your thoughtful, insightful posts.

I have many (like freakishly many) ideas similar to yours, but I've had a hard time articulating them. I'll be thinking, praying, studying and checking back here for more meaty stuff.


Lisa writes

A broken heart...and a sincere desire to reach your community with the good news of Jesus Christ...I think God will most definitely use you to further His kingdom! For His glory!


Linda A.

Let me tell you, sisters, Michelle IS being used for the Kingdom here in la-la land. She is real, she cares and she is just the best pastor's wife/sister in Christ you'd ever want to have (but we've got her now so you can't have her ;>))
Her concerns are a big part of the concerns of the hearts of my older son and me as we see so many lives going the wrong direction. And you see them much more clearly in a town of 1800, believe me. Prayer warriors we must be, and we welcome yours too!


I'm so glad you're back! It is definitely heartbreaking to see what so many churches are preaching. I know I should not be shocked. The Bible warns of many false prophets. But it is very sobering to see it in reality. May God bless your ministry abundantly and keep you walking in truth.

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