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February 21, 2007


Rocks in my Dryer

"Destructo Baby"...LOL...I have one of those too! ;)


We had one of those pens when our kids were littler! We called it "the sheepfold." I used it when I needed to do something (like, um, cook dinner) and keep little hands out of the way!


You know..... I can totally see that working...except well...Tried that with my boyo... he promptly figured out that 1. pushing hard makes the whole thing move 2. pushing and pulling at the same time means you can move the sides together which 3. means you can climb two sides at once and give mommy a heartattack. :) so we canned that idea.

I do hope it works better for your young one. :)


I've GOT to know, how long does she stay in before having a meltdown? My Destructo Baby would probably smash it with her bare hands and eat it for breakfast.


So good to see you back, though :-)

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