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February 23, 2007


Rocks in my Dryer

I LOVE Parenting in the Pew--that book really changed the way I look at some things.

Kim in ON

I'm not a big fan of seeker-sensitive churches, either.

Cross-driven is being purpose driven.

I've heard of this book, but I've not read it.


We left a church that wanted to be Purpose driven...not only am I not a fan of it...it is unbiblical. We read the book and have so much highlighted as bad theology or verses taken out of context,etc. It is plain and simple trying to Get people to come to church while the Word of God is being watered down...to make church more fun,light,casual...so that the masses will feel good about coming to church. I say lets glorify God and have a God centered philosophy of ministry...let's elevate God and His Word in our churches...hey,that's a new thought!
I appreciated your post!

Theresa ♥

Have you read this? It's called Deceived on Purpose.


We have it at our church and it really opened my eyes to some things.


Well said, Michelle. I just wrote on this "me-centered" idea as well. Parenting in the Pew was instrumental in convicting our hearts to change churches when we saw our children being deceived as to why they were in worship. Thanks for sharing that quote. It was good to read it again.


That quote is beautifully said. I think I need to get this book and read it. What our children are learning about the gospel - from us and from our church - is a big concern for us as parents.

CeCe Lane

Love this post. I am going to have to add your blog to those I must read every day.

(By the way, I've met and dined with Rick Warren and his wife. Don't be impressed. I wasn't.)


Read this Friday and LOVED it! Then, before I could comment, I came face to face with it Sunday.

One of the older ladies at our church had talked last week about "that woman" who is separated from her husband. "You know, he's such a saint. He told me that she (the wife) just wants her boyfriends and her fun. Such a shame." Then, "that woman" was at there Sunday morning.

The Lord reminded me (again and after your post as well) that I do not know their story nor what they're dealing with. And, I've done things that would qualify me for worse than a "that woman" status.

At least she was there in church. And, it was only God's mysterium tremendum that could work through the situation - and not my (or that gossip's) judgment.

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