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October 15, 2006


Literature Lover

You are so sweet to write a blog for your Mom. I think it's a great idea. Maybe I'll enlist my firstborn daughter to do that for me! :)

I'm sure your Mother will appreciate your kind words. Tell her that I've just started reading through the Mitford series. She's right, they're GOOD!!


This was very sweet and a reat story. Those poor kids, what did they think Cole was going to do???? We hope to see her back soon.


Glad to know all is well, how sweet to post for your mother...


Miss you, Michelle, but it was fun to hear from your sweet son. Sure glad people don't see all the ways we rigged our life to protect our youngest from himself . . . we'd probably have had a visit from the local child protection agency.


Hee, hee! Love the visual of those teenagers and what they thought they were witnessing!

Although I'm a little unclear how a pastor's wife and mother to five could be so busy?! hmm. ;-)

Jennifer, Snapshot

Yes, please get her to start posting, or at least you can post more!!

Kathleen Marie

Happy to know all is well. That was a very nice post. Your Mom is sure to be proud of you!

God Bless!


Great to hear from you, Oldest Son Of Michelle! Loved the story. Those boys must have thought y'all were deranged. :)

Kate Megill

Well, I should have my daughter blog for me...she's sort of a "powerblogger" while I'm sort of a blog when I remember blogger!

Michelle, haven't caught up with you in a long time!! Sure do miss you!

Love, Kate

a suburban housewife

Oh, Michelle, Michelle. Have we (you and I) completely abandoned our blogs? I haven't, but it sure looks like it!


What a cute and funny incident! I bet you guys did get a good laugh! Thanks for filling us in! Tell you Mom we miss her!


Happy Birthday, Abbey!! Your gift will be characteristically late...

Love you,
Aunt Megan for Uncle Craig, and the half pints...


Missing you girlie! Hope you are doing good. if you get a chance drop a line!


I love your blog! Love this post from your son! What a funny incident with Cole!


Rocks in my Dryer

Hey, my friend, I'm missing you. Hope all is well.


Hey Michelle! Have you completely given up blogging? I've really been missing your warm and witty insights on life. Hope all is well with you.

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