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August 21, 2006


Jennifer, Snapshot

Good for you! How great for you to act on the impulse.


I'm so glad he opted for the break. It's great to have that spur-of-the-moment release to regroup. Hope it's smoothe sailing from here on out.



Sounds like your get away was just what you all needed to recharge. I'm also a pastor's wife and know how all consuming that job can be. I hope his proposal comes together smoothly. Enjoy the end of your summer!


Sounds like a fun time! I love those spur of the moment trips! They are usually the best ones, don't you think?


So glad that you could get away for a mini-vacation! Maybe the break will help your hubby get his thoughts together for his dissertation!

Enjoy your days before school starts!

Linda A

I am so glad you-all were able to get away. Being in a high-stress job myself, I can certainly relate. And it also makes the congregation really appreciate who we have to lead us and miss him (AND YOU!) when you're gone. Glad you got to go, glad you're back! Love you guys!

Literature Lover

I'm proud of you and Cole for taking that time off. It sounds like it was VERY needed. I will be praying that he gets the proposal finished. Enjoy your last few days of summer! :)


Good for you! Your priorities are right where they need to be!

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