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August 17, 2006



Great video! That big grin is priceless!


Cutest Baby Ever!!


Funny! Love that big, happy face!


Great video. I have to admit the big grin at the end just "made" the video.


That was too cute! And that big ole smile was priceless!

Neighbor Jane

That was GREAT Michelle! I loved the background music.

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

Oh my word that was the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Even made Hubs laugh out loud, and he's a tough cookie! ;)


Oh my WORD! First, she is of course adorable, and I would willingly hand her a fresh package of Charmin if I could. Second, that boy of yours has got some MAD VIDEO SKILLZ! That was awesome with the music!


Video camera-$350.00
Toilet paper-$3.00
Video of baby J stringing toilet paper all through the house

Thanks for the great laugh!!!!


What happened to the "Law of the Ray Family" rules?
Always, always, always keep the bathroom doors closed!!!!!

Just wondering??

the "other" Sarah

Oh my gosh, that was awesome! The music - OH, the music - that was such an awesome accompaniment for this video. And her precious smile was just too perfect. How old is your little Julianna? My Abigail is almost 15 months old, and that looked exactly like what I find if we ever leave the bathroom door open. (Abigial even has the same shoes!)


So great - smart of you to think of grabbing the camera! I agree, the smile just makes this all the funnier! :)

Linda A

Ohhhh, Michelle, you and Tru are quite a pair! You absolutely made my morning! Whatta doll that baby is.


How funny! She is a doll! Every stay at home mama can relate to your video! Thank you for sharing this with us!


The music! :::snort snort::: Oh my gosh the music! :::gasping for breath::: I am guffawing. Love it!

Michelle-This One's for the Girls

The grin made it for me too...

I can't take even one ounce of credit for that video--Tru made it with his little $75 video camera and it was his creation from start to finish. Glad it gave everyone a laugh! :)


As a Mommy of 3 toddlers, I totally "got" this video. But I'm with your Mom...close those bathroom doors.
Seriously, that smile is their secret weapon to disarm the Wrath of Mommy!
Thanks for sharing! She's PRECIOUS!

Glass Half Full

That smile at the end - priceless!!!

My son found fun in TP now too. Oh, the little things -- especially those that can make a huge mess too!!!


What glorious fun. Tru has talent. Loved that smile and pure glee on her face at the end.

Literature Lover

That is so adorable!!! I tell you, that boy of yours has the SKILL!



This was laughoutloud funny! I especially like the part where she begins to wipe her knees. Was that her attempt to cloak the deed in apparent usefulness ? : ))))

And the music is the Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. That's our housecleaning music...
thanks for the great laugh.

I'm here from Shannon's Thursday13.

Joy M

Oh my gosh! My son used to do this with the tape in my husband's cassettes! Oh yeah, that is ancient history-son is 17 now.


That was too cute... I love the music you played!!


oh that smile is priceless!!



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