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August 02, 2006



The kids, shoot, I think it is grand!


Sounds interesting. I wonder if I am brave enough to try this?? It does sound like a fun way to clean the floor.


You come up with the most fun and creative ideas for getting the kids to help! I love it! I'm guessing Emily would think she was in heaven if I tried this. Today is sweep and mop the floor day on my chore list, so maybe we'll give it a try! :) Thanks for the idea!


THAT IS FANTASTIC! My living room floor needs to be scrubbed today, and I have kids just lounging around... guess what they're going to be doing!

Jennifer, Snapshot

That is fun--and if I join in, it's quality time, too. We may have to do that today to ready for our guest. . . .

Neighbor Jane

What a great idea!


Great idea! I bet my son would love doing this.


Oh, we used to do this as kids, I forgot!! Lovely idea!


That sounds like a great way to get ME to mop the kitchen floor! :)

Literature Lover

What fun! I will use all the help I can get.


Sounds fun!


:::snicker snicker::: I know what's on OUR agenda today! Cleaning my kitchen floor is my most-disliked chore and now I know how to get the kidlets to help me!!

mrs darling

Boo hoo I cant pour water on my hardwood floors. They warp when water gets on them! This sounds like such fun though.


Fun! You could put on some 50's music and have a "Sock Mop Sock Hop," LOL. Sounds like you are a fun mom. :)


What a crazy idea! I think I'll give it a shot. My kids always want to help me mop. For some reason they think it looks fun, but I don't want them slipping and hurting themselves. This way they can help in a fun way! Great idea!


that sounds like fun for big kids (aka adults) too!


That sounds like GREAT family fun! (I can picture the scrapbook layout already with a soap bubble background ... ) Thanks for the wonderful suggestion.

jonathan a.

Just another trick for parents to try on kids...though I must admit, it's a clever one! LOL


Too funny! Can you imagine the great pictures you could take of sock-mopping day? :)


I think your big kids need to do a multi-media demonstration of this - perhaps set to music? It could be a new internet sensation!

Seriously, that is so cute. I use socks for quick dusting, too. I need all the encouragement I can get!


That is hysterical! Homeschoolers could give their kids P.E. credits for this one!


Thank you for visiting my house on the Home Tour. :0)
Sock mopping sounds so fun, my kids would love it!!



I love it! And we could use hubby's old holey socks to do the job. Yes, *us*. I wanna be in on this!

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