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April 04, 2007


grafted branch

I was going to make a comment but you said it in #2!

I found that my daughter gets all the "team player" training she needs by being in the orchestra. It's a team, for sure!

For exercise, she likes to join me on the treadmill or eliptical at the gym right after lunchtime when the place is cleared out!

Lisa writes

I'm a mom to four sons, so I do get the "how in the world do you do it" question as well...so I can only imagine how astounded people must be to learn you are a mom to five! Like you, we guard against overcommitment and overextension on the part of our children and their outside responsibilities. It is important in doing so that we keep each child's individual interests in mind. Mine is a sports-minded family; and there are wonderful lessons to be learned on the playing field (not the ONLY place to learn them by any means...just as grafted branch noted above). In regard to your comment on the longevity of sports, while my husband no longer plays, he uses his love of the game to mentor and teach other young boys, providing them with a much needed positive role model as well as discipline.


We have a similar rule, although our 2 youngest are not really old enough to have multiple things just yet. Music trumps sports in our family too, by a mile!!

Katherine @ Raising Five

We do something similar. We've really had to evaluate activities and say NO more as our kids get older. They won't be able to 'do it all' when they are adults, so it's good to teach them how to evaluate their schedules now. Tough stuff.

Jennifer, Snapshot

I limit, too, and I only have one child "involved" right now, because my second is still a toddler.

Funny, though, she is playing basketball for the first time this year, and bringing Kyle along was pure torture. Sitting outside on the sidelines on a large soccer field was much easier for us.


Hi thanks for that post - It has given me more to consider on these matters. Mine are 6, 4, and 2 and so far we have had a fair hold on these activities. I realise though they really are getting to the age of needing the extra curricular activities. We kind of reckoned if our kids were going to mainstream school we would give them a year or two to get used to that before we introduce outside of the home activities. I kind of dread the thought of all that running around!! I'll make it a matter of prayer.
Thanks again.

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