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March 05, 2007


Aimee Ferguson

Oh, don't you miss the deep South? 80 degrees for the last 2 weeks in Waco.


Well let me tell you at this time of the year I am glad that I live in the south. I will have to go with what Waco lady said. It has been 70's here in Ft. Worth and no complaint, by me!!! Now ask me how it is going down here in the south come July/Aug. and I'm sure my story will be differeent. Right now it is nice to be in gauchos again...the freedom that is found in gauchos is out of this world. I would recommend anyone to wear the cotton ones from old navy they are so comfortable and you can dress them up as well.

ruth wrubel

Well...Austin, Texas girl says gi'me the good ole south!!! I'm definitely a summer time girl...we planted flowers last Saturday when it was 86 degrees...and then we had a freeze over the weekend...so we're not completely over the winter cold...summer come on over...I'm ready for you! :)

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