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March 18, 2007



I really appreciate your wisdom. Good thoughts.

I was wondering if you could explain how long you have homeschooled your children and what drove your decision to put some in public school. We are contemplating schooling choices right now for our 4 year old.

CeCe Lane

I agree. I read books and write reviews for Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. Which means I am reading one fiction book a week, plus the other books I'm reading for learning, and pleasure.

When I am asked, "How you find time to read?" I tell them, "I make time. Reading is important to me so I make time." I can't imagine not reading.

I could though do without the comments and the looks that say, "If you were a good home schooling Momma you'd not have time for reading. I don't have time and you shouldn't either. I'll bet your house is trashed all the time, and your girlies run amuck all day and you're not getting enough school work done." *roll eyes*


I LOVE TO READ! I always have--I didn't have many other talents (sports, music, art...none I'm afraid) in school and so I spent most of my spare time reading (and watching lots of the '90s sitcoms, I'm ashamed to admit!).

I read when you do, esp. at doctors' appts. and long drives to our nearest city to grocery shop. Reading before bed and in the bathroom are especially good places. I also bring a book to the homeschool table. That way, I'm there while he's working and available to answer questions and to keep him on task. We don't have any network TV or cable so lots of nights the hubby and I go to bed early and just read.

My kids love books, too, because they see us reading. I've found Gladys Hunt's book Honey for a Child's Heart to be so helpful. I'm committed to building my kids' library with good literature and her recommendations have been wonderful.

I've read that Robbie Castleman book (loved it!) and Feminine Appeal (honestly, liked MOST of it). One of the best books I've read has been Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I facilitated a ladies' Bible study last year with that book and it was a great experience for everyone.

Thanks for the great thoughts!

Jennifer, Snapshot

I love it, too, and for the last year or so have been reading avidly (a few minutes before bed, but often for an hour after the kids' bedtime in lieu of TV). But for me if I'm not consciously thinking about what I want to read and why I want to read it, months can go by and I never even pick up a book.


I can't laugh, because I know exactly what you mean. I was wrong to think I'd have much time to do reading all on its own with a baby in my home. I appreciate your ideas and have already taken some of them up. Here's to finding more "stolen time" to read!


I keep one by my sink and read when I dry my hair. It's sad, isn't it?

Meant to ask how you like Typepad. Trying to figure out if it's worth the leap or if I should go to Wordpress for my next leap.


I love your blog. I'm putting you on my sidebar. GREAT TOPIC and lovely site design! ;) Hope to see you at the HSBAwards!

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