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September 02, 2006


Mommy Dearest

OH, MY WORD that sounds like an amazing tea recipe. Thank you so much! I've inched mine up from 2/3 to 3/4 of a cup of sugar per gallon, but 1 1/4 cups sounds positively decadent. Plus the lemons!

Southern Girl

There's nothing like good Southern iced tea! I know a lot of people call it "sweet tea" but to me, that's redundant. *Of course* it's sweet! You mean there's another way? ;)

Mama Lily

I love the Mitford series too. I've read them all! When I moved north, I brought my "sweet tea" with me. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I can relate on several levels. Come visit sometime.


I love reading your blogs. I haven't commented before, but they are great. Being a southern girl myself, sweet tea is a must! I get cracked up when we go somewhere and it's called "iced-tea", without sugar!


Great post! I really appreciate the gracious way you relate throwing out the old recipes so you can try something better to casting off wrong beliefs for true beliefs.


I love the Mitford Series (an dI am sure I am not alone.) I know what you mean about throwing out the old and replacing it with God's best.


I love the Mitford series too and we always have sweet tea when we visit my mom in Alabama. She also makes awesome salmon patties. : ) I really liked what you said about throwing out the old beliefs (the extra-biblical ones)and yet being gracious to those who are still working through some of these things. My daughter and I were just talking about this the other day because we were involved in some of the Gothard stuff (and other "off" things) when she was younger, so your post was very timely for me. : )

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