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August 24, 2006


Jennifer, Snapshot

I think that I asked CWA to stop calling--I'm not sure. I haven't heard from them in a while. Of course, that's one thing that Caller ID is really good for. Also, another good tip is if you pick up the phone and there's silence--hang up quick. It's usually an automated dialing service and a person will pick up the line shortly.

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

OH, man, I hear you. I always tell those groups, "our family gives generously already and we just can't afford to give anymore."

Heather Sanders


Okay, done laughing.
They don't call us as often now that I started handing the phone to my kids.

Antique Mommy

Ha! That is good. Very good. I tell anyone soliciting money that I'm unemployed right now, which is technically true.


I can totally relate to your post! :o)


Every single night we are getting political phone calls! Mostly they are for my hubby (poor guy!) and he is getting rather aggravated!


Chortle!! Found ya over at Sherri's. I (at one time) was sooooo bad, I picked up the phone. When the telemarketer was 2 min. "in" to the spiel...I interrupted with "What's your name, dear?" as sweetly as I could. "Jody!" was her response. "Jody...I have a whistle...it will hurt hon..." CLICK!!!! I DID crack and am ashamed..no...really....! But I laughed (might as well before praying and then can't enjoy laughing about it, right??). In my conviction, I've not done that (2 years ago) since. Great post!! I'm bookmarkin' the page. Elly


I get these calls quite often, too. It drives me nuts!!

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