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August 05, 2006



You DO need a date night. Bless your heart!

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

LOL...Hubs and I had a date night Friday (our first in six months, I think) and it was heavenly! Do it soon!


Oh golly...we've had those progressively deteriorating "family fun nights" too. I love your telling of the tale. :) For us, a date night just means going out without the kids, it doesn't have to be anything fabulous. Why did you have to say Winstead's? I live 1500 miles from Winstead's and would gladly send you my firstborn if you figure out how to mail me a steakburger and a Frosty! ;)


TOO FUNNY! We have 3 boys, many of our date nights have turned into these not-so-fun family fun nights also. I'm gald to hear it happens to others also. Funny that you refer to the chidren as "acting like complete and total pagans." I"ve also said things like that during times like these.

Enjoy! HOpe you have a REAL date night soon.


LOL at the contact popping out while speeding down the highway! Oh, you need a date bad!


That is a perfect blog moment. If perfect means family insanity. Love the grand finale. Ya just wonder where is the camera when you need it??

Plan that next date night (sans kids) SOON!!


Oh you poor thing! This sounds just like my everydays lately. I can't wait to start date night again! (I may start without him and just go all on my own!):)


Hubby and I love to hang out at B&N, sipping coffee, listening to live music. The only problem is we eventually don't spend much time together, since we are in different parts of the store!

I have some questions for you that you discussed months ago on blogger. Reading your blog these months has made me more curious about different Protestant denominations. My experience is SBC, Conservative Baptist, and non-denominational. A SB person I know has begun teaching catechism. I've researched it online and I'm more confused than ever. I know you teach it. What is your method, what "version"? Is there a simpler one for younger children? At what age do you begin? I am very curious about this. Being SB, my background isn't as structured and intentional as I imagine yours to be. Being active in church was enough. But I really want to take the spiritual training of my children more seriously and I'm trying to find some balance. I need to have a better plan and system so I can teach the women in my church to take it more seriously! What is your advice?

Literature Lover

Oh, you poor thing. Yes, I think a date night is needed! I felt sorry for your hubby with the contact falling out. I am familiar with near-blindness!

Jennifer, Snapshot

I thought I commented already, but I think that I am always forgetting the typepad verification since it comes up on another page. . . .

Y'all are our kind of people! Dh and I love those B&N dates. Of course, we sometimes take the kids, too, but well, then our nights turn out more like yours did.

Also, I will piggyback on Jill and ask for more info on the catechism--how you become involved in it, and the hows and whys of using it in your home. I read some of your back posts on it, and I think that I will work on it with them this fall.


Bless your heart, darlin'. May you be blessed with a night out alone with that sweet, barely-seein' man of yours. I'd come stay with your "pagans", but I've got a houseful of my own most of the time : )


RoFL!!1 contact flying out....still laughing. I know what you mean about wanting to have a good time and it just not turning out like you planned. I agree, sounds like you need a little date night...kid free. L :)


thats funny. I have 7 so our date nights usually include some kid from our family, making it more like family night too.

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