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August 03, 2006



Excellent reminder.


I have a similar chicken story. I was cooking for my (future) DH at his house (which he shared with several roomates). I was going to surprise him with southern fried chicken. I looked around and found everything I needed except the chicken, so I went to pick some up. Got back and made the dish.

Seems the "flour" in the canister that I'd breaded the chicken with, was actually **powdered coffee creamer**!

I do not recommend coffee creamer chicken, btw.

It's been 21 years and he still gets a kick out of that one.


Good Morning,

thank you so much for your post, it was just what I needed this morning.

Thank you for sharing so openly!

Linda A

My husband cooked for ME on one of our first dates. He was so proud of his grill on the balcony of his apt, and grilled those thick pork chops forever it seemed, and maybe it's because it was December rather than July, who knows? - they were pretty red in the middle, too, so we had to zap them in the microwave till they were done! I still like telling that story on him...

Michelle, you ARE the real deal, always, and we are so blessed that you are OUR pastor's wife!

Love ya,


Amen! And the bloody chicken story was pretty good to boot! :-)


Thank goodness you women have more cooking experience by the time you get to be a mom! I would freak out if I had that bloody chicken! Still makes for a great story.

Michelle, I can tell you're the "real thing" and that God uses you. You are a blessing to our church and I'm glad we have you, Cole, and the rest of your family!


This is a neat post! Very encouraging.

My first dinner for my hubby was chicken--although I failed to thaw it first and after an hour of cooking it was still stuck together. Ah, it is good that things changed!

Andrew McAllister Ph.D.

Yes, but ... scrambled eggs and chocolate chip cookies make for fine eatin'! :)

"To Love, Honor and Dismay"

Tammy S

What a great reminder! Thanks!

the "other" Sarah

Great post!

Jennifer, Snapshot

Good one here, Michelle. I try, try, try.


Michelle, Your post today is as good as any "published" devotional I've ever read. What a great story and application. Keep up the awesome posting!


This was a timely reminder to me today, Michelle - thank you so much for being genuine and encouraging and challenging me to do the same!


Thanks, Michelle. You sure are a talented writer. Thank you for writing from the heart.


Michelle - that was awesome. A ministry family has got to be the toughest assignment out there. I feel for you in the fishbowl. Fake it till you make it totally cracks me up - and yet that's exactly what I thought I could do. It's not worth keeping up the facade. God gives grace to the humble - thanks for such a beautiful devotional.

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