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July 27, 2006



You have wonderful home and beautigul children. I especially like the bathroom and master bedroom!

PastorMac's Ann

I love your house. So warm and inviting. So classy. (not a word I would use to describe myself, but I can live vicariously) And I really enjoyed your descriptions - too funny. Thanks for the tour!

Mrs Blythe

What a beautiful home! Lovely pictures, I love your furniture. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.


what a great home - you tricked me though with that first picture - i was like Oh my word!

love your front porch - and your baby is sooooo sweet!


Thanks for the tour, what a beautiful home, each room is so unique!


I think you have a wonderful home, full of colour and life. Love the stripes- you have a very clever and patient 'hubby'. Five children, how do you manage? :)


Your house is so beautiful! When I first opened your page, I saw the unbelievably beautiful building in the first picture and thought that it was YOUR house! I really love those handpainted stripes. My husband painted a pink plaid pattern in our daughter's room, and it took FOREVER!


Beautiful! And I have to say, you are a fantastic decorator. Thanks for the tour!

Sherri W

Love your house- it is so YOU style-wise. Like I really know you, but in a sense I do, ya know? I was about to ask you "who the heck is Julianna?" but then I read the previous post!!


I love the pink and black room! I can't wait to go back to having color in my place!

the "other" Sarah

Beautiful, graceful, charming. I Looooove your master bed. The picture on 'Juliana's' wall of the two of you is just precious. Thanks for the great tour.

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer

Michelle, your home is adorable, just like you...so many comments. LOVE that toile wallpaper and have actually been trying to convince Hubs that we need some too (I will be showing him this!). The nursery is adorably (mine is pink and frou-frou too!), and you know my Presbyterian heart is loving the pictures of the Reformers on the walls! LOVELY, Michelle.

Jennifer, Snapshot

It's great. Not just a home tour, but a hometown tour--cool. I love it--staged reality and all.


I WANT TO MOVE THERE! I love the old houses, the "hamlet" - everything. Thanks for showing off. The day my little one wears a hair bow, I'll take a picture, too!


Oh what a beautiful home.


Love the toile!!! Too cute.

Tammy S.

Mmmm...everything looks so beautiful and cozy and homey! I love the idea for the living room in a solid color, the stripes in the dining room. My living room opens up to the dining room too, and is separated by a large open doorway. I just might copy your idea, since I need to paint anyhow!

I love what you said about your baby waking up with a bow in her hair! LOL My house got straightened up for pictures too! :)


I love how you did your tour! So inviting! The stripes you painted turned out awesome and I LOVE the toile bathroom! :)


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your home!!! I have to say my FAVORITE is the bathroom. So pretty! I have a thing for toile.

You have excellent taste. Your house is beautiful!

Rachel B.

Is that Leslie's planter on your front porch??? That cracks me up. You have done wonders for that place - glad you are making it your own!


Gorgeous. I like the bedroom best. So many colors and textures.


Gorgeous Michelle! Love your home! I'm not sure which room I like best, they're all beautiful!

Kim from Hiraeth

Oh, your entire home is beautiful and welcoming but I absolutely LOVE your bathroom! My bedroom is done in black toile. I'd love to have your bath adjoining it, but alas, I live in a tiny bungalow and I am just lucky to have a small closet! But I can dream, can't I?

Lovely home. Thanks for having us!

Michelle-This One's for the Girls

Well, Rachel, I thought about going out and buying some flowers for my own planter (which is tucked away in the garage) but I just couldn't justify spending money on flowers that I knew I would kill in 2 weeks flat. Hey--it's a TOUR. People showing their homes on tours do stuff like that all of the time!!!! :)


I love your home. I really adore you bathroom. I also live in an old home. Clarice

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