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July 26, 2006



What a precious, precious time. My children, too, are getting to the questioning stage -- that basically makes me realize how little I know!! May the Lord guard their hearts and direct their feet in HIS way!

And thanks for having me at your new blog! I'll be back!


We have great talks after/during family worship, too. Although, many evenings we don't because everyone is squirmy. But those nights when our kids are paying attention and are receptive and using their brains are wonderful and precious. They make all the less-than perfect nights worth the hassle. Of course, even when they don't seem to be interested, I know that the Lord will be faithful to bless our efforts as parents.


Great post - I love when kids ask questions like these, although my son has stumped me more than once. It all started when he was 3 and said, "Mom, if God says murder is wrong, why did he help David kill Goliath?" And they've only gotten better! :) But it's so awesome to see them thirst for knowledge - especially knowledge about God!

Claire Weaver

I stumbled onto your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. It is so encouraging to read about a family trying to glorify the Lord with their lives. I am living in a new place and have been praying for a Mommy Mentor(I have 2 little girls). I think the Lord is answering in a different way then I thougt. I am learning from some Godly bloggers!

Claire Weaver

Linda A

This has been one of the "bestest" parts of my boys growing up. When I drive somewhere, especially with just one of the boys, we have really great conversations, esp. about God's plan for their lives. It's sooooo great to just see God's hand working in kids' lives - yours, mine - all of us!

Kathleen Marie

And it only gets better and more indepth and more frustrating and....??? as they get older.

Keep listening and they will keep talking!

My eldest son, who is almost 20 started closing up as a teen and I would go into his room while he was playing his guitar or reading or drawing and just sit on his bed. He'd say something like, "What do you want?" and I would say, "Nothing" and then he was just start talking or toss me a book of poetry he had been working on or ask me to listen to a song he was working on. You just never know but you just have to be there for them, no matter what.

Five stars to you Mom!


Those are great questions! You'll have to post your answers someday when you have the time. I've updated my favorites to your new home. I hope typepad treats you well!

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